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Yep, we do that too. Concept Engine has the capability to develop your product from concept to prototype. We are passionate about design and we create products that are innovative and stand apart from the competition. And isn't that what it's all about anyway? Take a look at what we've done below.


Emsco Myak

For this project, we created the 3D surfaces for Emsco's rotational molded kayak. The first image is a sketch to resolve the form before beginning to develop 3-D surfaces. The second image shows the top and bottom surfaces separated at the mold part line. You can make out the seat supports and strategically placed drainage holes on the bottom surfaces. The "Myak" went into production in spring 2006. This project was done on contract for Design Axis.


Charbroil Outdoor Fireplace

For this project we developed 3D surfaces for Charbroil's new outdoor fireplace. This particular model is sold in Target stores. This project was done on contract for Design Axis.


Firstlook Fetal Monitor

The FirstLook fetal monitor was awarded a bronze IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Award sponsored by IDSA and Business week) Award in the Design Explorations category for 2002.


Riva Cartop Carrier

Riva’s Roof Top Carrier was the first rotational molded storage box of it’s kind. Instead of the traditional lid, the front and rear doors open on hinges for convenient loading. The Carrier can also be rolled easily on it’s back wheels using the front handle. The Rooftop Carrier was designed and engineered using Rhino 3-D software.


Timex 2154 Watch Concept

The goal of this project was to design the wristwatch of the future. The Smart Bracelet Concept incorporates time management software, telecommunications, and super materials into one simple, innovative device.


Additional Watch Concepts

The goal of this project was to create unique watch concepts that addressed the specific lifestyle and attitude of the targeted user. The project utilized 2-d sketching and digital illlustration techniques.


Zura Alpha Fin

The Alpha swim fin is the latest addition to Zura’s innovative line of swim accessories. The goal of the project was to create an innovative fitness fin for high performance kick training. The unique offset blade design provides more power and ensures proper kicking motion.


Riva Snowsled

This project was one of 6 sleds designed for Riva Sports 99 Sled product line. The sled is designed for two riders and features a cobra-inspired intake on the nose. The project focused on ergonomics, safety, play value, and product nesting.



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