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Concept Engine can take your brand identity and printed media to the next level. We specialize in developing logos and graphics that will make your organization or business stand out from the rest. Take a look at some of the work we've done:



Chapel North

The goal of this logo for Chapel North was to capture the theme of a tree, which represents the believer as they grow and mature in the christian faith. This identity package included several different iterations as well as a slim version for unique applications.



Rine Landscape Group

The goal of this logo concept for Rine Landscape Group was to establish their brand in the high end design/build landscaping market.



Krav Maga and Fitness

This logo concept for Krav Maga Fitnesswas designed to capture the aggressive style of MMA fighting while echoing the shapes and forms of the Hebrew roots of the sport.



The Crowded House

The Crowded House is a very popular gastro-pub located in downtown Madisonville, Kentucky. The logo was designed to look modern, European, and hip.



World of Pentecost Church

This logo captures the excitement of worship and embodies the churches' emphasis on personal spiritual growth.



Willoughby Stump

The goal of this project was to design a logo that embodied the gritty blues-rock feel of Willoughby Stump. The project included a photo shoot, logo design, and final layouts.


All Things Common logo


All Things

All Things Common is a web based ministry that seeks to connect churches and faith organizations to donations and shared resources. The logo conveys a feeling of community and the idea that eack person is a piece of the puzzle.



Jarhead Journal

One of our friends started a cool website called Jarhead Journal. We designed a header logo for him. We like it because it's gritty, which is unusual since our style is pretty clean.

The Buckeye needed a logo that was bold and reached out to a broad audience for their online classified ads.




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